Our Acoustic Cradle & Batten Systems solutions

Saddle System

Saddle Flooring Systems are patented dry floating floors which provide an easily levelled understructure for supporting chipboard plywood and hardwood flooring. They can be used in domestic and commercial applications and can also contribute significantly to the acoustic performance of floors.The unique innovative packing system provides an easy and accurate method of levelling a timber floating floor over an uneven subfloor. The CMS Danskin Saddle System contributes significantly to the reduction of impact and airborne sound through party floors. It complies as an FFT2 floor in many Robust Detail floors and Scottish Section 5 Example Constructions.
FFT2 compliant for many Robust Detail floors & PEFC or FSC Chain of Custody
Quick and easy levelling of uneven floors
Weight saving compared to screeds can reduce foundation costs & Effective reduction of impact and airborne sound
Provides void for services insulation or underfloor heating

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